CV. Mega Abadi Perkasa

Woven Geotextile

Selling Cheap Geotextile Woven from CV. Mega Abadi Perkasa in Jakarta. Geotextile is a permeable synthetic material made by polymers such as polyester or polypropylene to separate, filter, strengthen, protect and drain when used in the soil. Geotextile separates the ground underlying the surface. One type of geotextile is woven geotextile which is a textile sheet made by weaving two or more sets of elements, such as yarn, fiber, ribbon, or filament where these elements are interlocked with the basic material of Polypropilene (PP). Geotextile Woven functions as a subgrade stabilization material which is usually applied as Road Construction, Base Reinforcement, Slope Reinforcement and Retaining DInding, Reclamation & Breakwater, Dam & Irrigation Infrastructure, Road & Airport Construction, Land Construction, etc. Mega Abadi Perkasa sells geotextile woven at low prices and the best quality.
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