CV. Mega Abadi Perkasa

Non Woven Geotextile

Selling Non Woven Geotextile Cheap Prices from CV. Mega Abadi Perkasa in Jakarta. Non Woven Geotextile is a type of geotextile made of polyester fiber (PET) or polyprophylene (PP) that is not woven, shaped like a carpet, and is generally white. This geotextile has perfect hydraulic and separation capabilities. Non Woven Geotextile functions to prevent soil particles from being carried out in the flow of water. Non Woven Geotextile is widely applied in civil engineering because it can increase the durability of modern construction such as for separation between layers of soil, separation between the bottom of the road and loose soil, to prevent the mixing of soft soil & aggregate stones as well as for horizontal and vertical drainage. Non Woven Geotextile is able to reduce the thickness of the soil heap, improve the function of drainage & filtration and increase the stability and carrying capacity of the soil. Mega Abadi Perkasa sells Geotextile Non Woven at cheap prices and the best quality.
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